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Life is Too Big to Spend it Feeling Small!

Internationally-known actress and dog mom Anjali Bhimani's (Ms. Marvel, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Modern Family) new book, I Am Fun Size, and So Are You!, is a series of essays—part memoir, part life map— all combined to lead you through your own personal challenges and toward a fuller, bigger life. With a career spanning almost three decades, Anjali Bhimani is an actress in television, film, video games, and theatre. She is the host of the I Am Fun Size series on YouTube and a resident of Los Anjalis… er… Los Angeles.

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“If it’s possible for a book to alter your outlook on life for the better, this is the one! Anjali’s perspective on life’s ups and downs is so insightful, and I feel like if each of us took a page out of her book, we’d probably be kicked out of the bookstore, so probably better to just get the whole thing. For anyone who is looking for a jolt of positivity in a complex world, look no further." ~Jason Ritter (A Million Little Things, Gravity Falls, Joan of Arcadia)

"I’ve always been the person who instinctively dodges the often-pretentious self-help book experience, but what Anjali does here is connect as a person through humor, introspection, and authenticity that are as infectious as her in-person self. Such a fun and lovely read that allows real, helpful lessons and necessary reevaluations to sneak through in unexpected and wonderful ways!” ~ Matthew Mercer (Critical Role, Overwatch)

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